Geographies of War | Iraq Revisited

Based on British Academy-funded research conducted by Dr Alan Ingram at UCL Department of Geography, this exhibition will explore how artists with diverse practices and perspectives experienced the invasion and occupation of Iraq and how they responded to it by engaging with questions of space, place, landscape and territory.

Bringing together artists from Iraq and Britain who experienced the war both directly and at a distance, the exhibition will include six works composed by painting, drawing, montage, engraving, printing, burning and tearing, through which are presented people, landscapes and events, maps, flags, mythical figures and war machines and which give material expression to the violence, anxiety and trauma of war.

Opening in the week of the tenth anniversary of the invasion, Geographies of War | Iraq Revisited offers a reminder of a conflict that has faded from public view, but which continues to have profound effects on people in Iraq, Britain and elsewhere. In highlighting diverse experiences of the war and responses to it, the exhibition also challenges our ways of seeing war and raises questions about our relationships to contemporary geopolitics. How does war shape our own experience of geography, and what might it mean to practice geopolitics otherwise?

Geographies of War: Iraq Revisited will run at UCL North Lodge, 18th March-12th April 2013.


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