A lot of the people I have been talking to have been interested to gain a broader picture of the range of responses to the war, and it seems that no one has put together a picture that captures the various dimensions of these responses. Towards this end, as well as starting to itemise exhibitions and other events of interest, I’ve started putting together an indicative (rather than exhaustive) list of artists here.

The selection encompasses something of the diversity of artists and responses: artists who explicitly opposed the war, others who have avoided adopting explicit positions and artists who have worked alongside UK armed forces. It includes artists from a variety of places including the UK and Iraq (though mostly now based in the UK), and with a variety of family heritages and affiliations. It spans visual/fine/plastic/contemporary arts (depending on how you want to describe things) and different approaches, interests and ways of working. And it includes artists whose works have appeared and circulated within the UK art world, at its edges and beyond in a range of ways, receiving different kinds of reception and recognition. As well as examining particular works, artists and exhibitions, mapping this process of circulation and reception is an important part of the research.



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