Nice short piece on Jeremy Deller’s Twin Towns – a version of this also appeared at Memorial to the Iraq War at the ICA in 2007. It mixes two recurring themes in responses to the Iraq war: spatial transposition and maps. I’ll post more on this at some point.


One work that caught our eye on a recent visit to Joy in People, the Jeremy Deller retrospective currently on at the Hayward Gallery in London, was this uncanny remapping of the relationship between the UK and Iraq through town twinning.

Folks in Greater Manchester will remember Deller from his contemporary reimagining of the rich tradition of Whit parades, and other urban processions in the North West, as part of the Manchester International Festival. Others might know his extraordinary historical reenactment in 2001 of the clash between pickets and police during the Battle of Orgreave, a project that reawakened the memory of that bitter dispute and asked searching questions about heritage and the making of history. Deller recently described the miners strike as ‘modern Britain’s defining story.’

The UK-Iraq twinning maps appear in the context of documentation of a project of Deller’s called ‘It is what it is’ which took…

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