How you can help…

For this project I’m trying to find out about as much of the art made in response to the 2003- Iraq war as I can, especially as it has appeared in the UK. But I’m not exclusively focused on this timeline or the UK and its involvement. The 2003 invasion and subsequent occupation emerged out of a complex convergence of many different interests, ideologies, decisions, events and consequences unfolding over a longer period and involving many different people and places. The war has also been addressed by lots of artists and art institutions in different places, some of which I am already aware of but many I am sure I am not. So I’d be happy to receive your links and suggestions, whether they are connected with the UK or not.

If you are an artist concerned with these issues or your work has touched upon the art world’s response to conflicts surrounding Iraq and their causes and consequences, I’d like to hear from you, either here or via email.


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